Wednesday, July 22, 2009

3:33 in the morning

This was given to me by God in the morning a few weeks ago. When He woke me up, it was 3:33 am. This is what He said to me:

All that you lay your hands to I will bless!
You cannot curse that which the Lord has blessed.
Those He chooses to be made perfect, no one can curse.
I am God, I choose whom I wish to bless. In My name all is made perfect.

Seek the Lord in fasting and prayer. So that His hand will perform all that He will desire!

Know no one according to the flesh. They are perfect, even if they are in a struggle.
When they stand before me all will be perfect, just as I am perfect. Do not see them any other way. For this is faith! Look, see and believe!!
Just as Jesus has the right to bless those the Father has sent Him to, so in His name we all so have that given right! Whatever we lay our hands to, will be blessed. We always think God is talking material. FAST and PRAY!!

God always loves! He can do nothing less. All that He does is based on His love for those He has created. They were made to be in His image, (perfect). That is His love, (perfect). Know no man according to the flesh, for that is of the curse, (imperfect). The perfect begins within. The mind will always get in the way of the heart, where I dwell.
See and believe with your heart!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Wednesday, July 23, 2008
(Vision during a three day fast)

I saw Jesus walking to Calvary carrying His cross. He turned and looked at me, stopped and waved me to follow Him. So I said, “Lord I want to go where you go!” He said, “most aren’t willing to come this far, William.” So I looked around and noticed we were at the base of a hill. The road led up a steep hill and at the top was where Jesus was heading to be crucified. I noticed that the city from which He’d come from, was about a mile from the base of the hill that was before us. This hill was steep and very windy, full of rocks. It looked very hard especially carrying a cross. So I said again, “I want to go where you are going, Lord!” Jesus said to me, “this is the hardest part. You may suffer much and it’s very painful, sometimes. The cross gets heavier!” That’s when I realized, that if I remained here, He would go on without me. I couldn’t handle that idea. All I could think about was I couldn’t live without Him. I’m so in love with Jesus. I didn’t care what would happen, as long as I was with my Savior and Lord, Jesus. Again I said, Lord I don’t care, I want to be with you. I just want to go with you! He smiled and said, “come be with Me!!” Come be with me! That’s all I wanted to hear.

P.S. Thanks you Jesus, for leading us home.